SpaceX picked to land humans on the moon

NASA has announced that SpaceX’s bid for the lander component of the Artemis Program to return humans to the Moon. Crews will be launched by SLS in the Orion capsule and will transfer to the lander for descent to the lunar surface.

The announcement from NASA was accompanied by a new rendering of the Lunar Starship which had several changes from a previous rendering that had been published including:

  • Different landing legs
  • Smaller crew pressurised section
  • Larger solar array which had been moved further down the body
  • Revised thrusters towards the top of the lander

The contract is worth $2.89 billion, which NASA cited as being the lowest bid for the three competitors.

For Factor 2, SpaceX’s Total Evaluated Price of $2,941,394,557 was the lowest among the offerors by a wide margin. Blue Origin’s Total Evaluated Price was significantly higher than this, followed by Dynetics’ Total Evaluated Price, which was significantly higher than Blue Origin’s./p>

The current target date for Artemis 3 is October 2024.

UTC Time

Friday, 30-Jul-21 18:16:16 UTC

Boca Chica Local Time

Friday, 30-Jul-21 13:16:16 CDT