SN15 completes test flight

5 May saw SN15 perform its first test flight from Boca Chica, Texas. After a prior attempt on 30 April which was scrubbed, SN15 successfully ignited its three raptor engines and took the skies at 17:24 local time (22:24 UTC).

The entire flight lasted nearly 6 minutes, featuring successful ignition, liftoff, ascent, bellyflop descent and then the landing flip & burn before a soft touch down. The landing performed was completed with two Raptor engines, with SN15 ending up on the edge of the landing zone with a small methane fire at the base that ultimately caused no problems.

This flight represents the first successful high altitude flight and landing (SN10 endured a hard landing and was then destroyed a few minutes after touch down) since a low altitude hop was performed by SN6.

UTC Time

Friday, 30-Jul-21 16:08:13 UTC

Boca Chica Local Time

Friday, 30-Jul-21 11:08:13 CDT