Type: Prototype
Class: Test Tank
Status: Testing
Current Location: Boca Chica, Texas
Area: Tank Test Area
Year Built: 2022


The aft dome barrel assembly section of B7.1 was spotted by Starship Gazer in front of the High Bay on March 22, 2022. It was later prepared for sleeving.

A common dome section was located by NASA Spaceflight on June 7. The test bank was seen being stacked in the High Bay on the night of June 9/10. Welding work was observed on June 13.

Preparations were made for testing B7.1 when the “can crusher cap” was moved to the launch facility on June 16, at the same time B7.1 was prepared for transport and then moved to the launch site shortly after. The test tank was lifted onto a stand on June 19, and the “can crusher cap” was placed on top.

The tank underwent testing on June 28.

Location History

Location Date From Date To
Production Facility (Boca Chica, Texas) March 22, 2022 Present


UTC Time

Thursday, 11-Aug-22 12:23:44 UTC

Boca Chica Local Time

Thursday, 11-Aug-22 07:23:44 CDT