Booster 5


Type: Prototype
Class: Super Heavy
Status: Scrapped
Fate: Scrapped in June 2022
Year Built: 2021
Year Decomissioned: 2021


Parts of Booster 5 were photographed by Mary (BocaChicaGal) on August 10, 2021. At the end of August Elon Musk stated on Twitter that they were hoping to perform the first attempt to catch a Super Heavy with Booster 5.

The first pieces of Booster 5 were placed in the High Bay for stacking on September 10, several days after Booster 4 had been moved to Orbital Launch Pad A. In early October it was observed that Booster 5 had been lowered over a new tank that was assumed to be for boost back and landing burn. On October 4, the forward section was stacked in the Mid Bay, while the four grid fins were spotted by RVG Aerial on October 7 at the same time Mary (BocaChicaGal) photographed the thrust puck. On October 12, Mary was also able to photograph Booster 5 having its grid fins being fitted.

The aft tanks were spotted being moved to the High Bay on October 22 by Nic Ansuini. By November 18 an observer noted that the LOX tank section had been lifted onto a booster transport stand, while the methane tank section had been moved to the High Bay in preparation for stacking. Stacking took place on November 20, with Chris Bergin posting on twitter footage showing the lift underway. Around 5pm he posted another image showing that the methane and LOX sections were being mated. Mary was present to photograph the stacking as it occurred.

On December 3 Booster 5 was captured being moved out of the High Bay by Cosmic Perspective, before being moved back inside again. Booster 5 was then moved out of the High Bay on December 8 and relocated to near SN15 and Ship 16. Plans for Booster 5 had apparently changed as well, with Brendan describing the booster as having been scrapped.

On June 27, 2022 the Booster was moved into the Mega Bay and had a grid fin removed, although it was reinstalled the next day. Scrapping began on June 30, when the booster was cut in half. Multiple pieces of the booster were spotted the next day, the remains having been cut up further.


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Date Type Location
10 August Construction Boca Chica, Texas
Parts spotted


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Wednesday, 07-Dec-22 19:54:56 UTC

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