Booster 6


Type: Prototype
Class: Test Tank
Status: Under Construction
Current Location: Boca Chica, Texas
Area: Production Facility
Year Built: 2021


The thrust puck was delivered to the Boca Chica production facility on August 21, 2021. A common dome for Booster 6 was spotted by Nic Ansuini on September 12. A booster forward dome was sleeved on November 11.

A change took place with Booster 6 when it was converted into a test tank by December 7. Nic Ansuini photographed a booster top being mounted onto a common dome. Booster 6 was moved near SN15, Ship 16 and Booster 5 on December 15.


More Information

UTC Time

Sunday, 22-May-22 11:38:32 UTC

Boca Chica Local Time

Sunday, 22-May-22 06:38:32 CDT