Booster 8


Type: Prototype
Class: Super Heavy
Status: Under Construction
Current Location: Boca Chica, Texas
Area: Production Facility
Year Built: 2022


The thrust puck for Booster 8 was spotted by Nic Ansuini on October 6, 2021, being the first thrust puck for a booster that would allow fitting of 33 engines. On February 3, 2022 Mary (BocaChicaGal) captured footage of another piece of Booster 8, the tank sump.

A common dome for Booster 8 was spotted in the scrapyard on March 8. Stacking operations for Booster 8 started on March 11 with the forward section being moved into the High Bay.

The Forward Tank Section #4 was moved into the High Bay for stacking on March 25. The aft tank #2 section was moved into the High Bay on April 1. The next on April 2 a common dome section was sighted before it was later lifted onto the LOX section.

A number of stacking operations took place on April 17, first aft section #4 was prepared followed by the Liquid Oxygen section being stacked on top of that. Work on the aft tank was observed on May 8.


UTC Time

Sunday, 22-May-22 11:27:54 UTC

Boca Chica Local Time

Sunday, 22-May-22 06:27:54 CDT