Booster 8


Type: Prototype
Class: Super Heavy
Status: Under Construction
Current Location: Boca Chica, Texas
Area: Mega Bay
Year Built: 2022


The thrust puck for Booster 8 was spotted by Nic Ansuini on October 6, 2021, being the first thrust puck for a booster that would allow fitting of 33 engines. On February 3, 2022 Mary (BocaChicaGal) captured footage of another piece of Booster 8, the tank sump.

A common dome for Booster 8 was spotted in the scrapyard on March 8. Stacking operations for Booster 8 started on March 11 with the forward section being moved into the High Bay.

The Forward Tank Section #4 was moved into the High Bay for stacking on March 25. The aft tank #2 section was moved into the High Bay on April 1. The next on April 2 a common dome section was sighted before it was later lifted onto the LOX section.

A number of stacking operations took place on April 17, first aft section #4 was prepared followed by the Liquid Oxygen section being stacked on top of that. Work on the aft tank was observed on May 8. On June 1 tanks were stacked onto the engine section. The LOX section was moved into the Mega Bay for stacking on June 5. The thrust assembly was spotted being flipped on July 6, with stacking operations occurring on July 7, with RGV Aerial getting a photo of a fully stacked booster the next day.


All dates & times are local unless otherwise indicated.

Date Type Location
July 8, 2022 Construction Boca Chica, Texas
Booster 8 stacked.

Location History

Location Date From Date To
Production Facility (Boca Chica, Texas) October 6, 2021 Present


UTC Time

Wednesday, 07-Dec-22 20:52:00 UTC

Boca Chica Local Time

Wednesday, 07-Dec-22 14:52:00 CST