Ship 21


Type: Prototype
Class: Starship
Status: Scrapped
Fate: Scrapped in April 2022
Year Built: 2022
Year Decomissioned: 2022


The first identifiable part of Ship 21 (the Thrust Dome) was spotted in July 2021. Over the months of August and September more and more parts were spotted, with BocaChicaGal (Mary) spotting the nose cone on September 21 and RGV Aerial Photography spotting the forward flaps on 23 September following a fly over. By October 29 work on the nosecone and barrel section had advanced to the point that the TPS tiles significantly covered both and were outside of the tent.

Ship 21’s nose cone was stacked by November 7, and on December 14 the nearly completed nose cone had been moved to near the Mid Bay awaiting stacking.

December 17 saw the mid section of Ship 21 rolled out of the Mid Bay, before Ship 21 was mounted on a transporter on December 22. As of January 28, Mary (BocaChicaGal) observed both the nose cone and body sitting in the production yard, work on it apparently being paused.

Observers at Boca Chica witnessed a crane attach to Ship 21 on April 15, with crews beginning the process to scrap the prototype. The after section was spotted in the process of being scrapped on May 11.

Location History

Location Date From Date To
Production Facility (Boca Chica, Texas) July 3, 2021 April 16, 2022


UTC Time

Wednesday, 07-Dec-22 19:36:09 UTC

Boca Chica Local Time

Wednesday, 07-Dec-22 13:36:09 CST