Ship 22


Type: Prototype
Class: Starship
Status: Retired
Fate: Parked at the rocket garden display area
Year Built: 2022
Year Decomissioned: 2018


The first piece of Ship 22 to be spotted was a Common Dome on September 11, 2021, uploaded to Twitter by Felix.

By November 24, stacking of Ship 22 had started in the Mid Bay. Around January 22, 2022 the thrust section was captured being moved into the Mid Bay. On January 31 engineers were making preparations to mount the aft flaps.

Ship 22 was moved from the Mid Bay to the High Bay on February 15, before the nose cone was lifted and stacked onto it. The nose cone was welded to the body on February 15, before Ship 22 was moved to the display area where SN15 and Ship 16 are located on February 20.


All dates & times are local unless otherwise indicated.

Date Type Location
September 11, 2021 Construction Boca Chica, Texas
First parts spotted
February 15, 2022 Construction Boca Chica, Texas
Stacking completed.

Location History

Location Date From Date To
Production Facility (Boca Chica, Texas) September 11, 2021 Present


UTC Time

Wednesday, 07-Dec-22 21:08:24 UTC

Boca Chica Local Time

Wednesday, 07-Dec-22 15:08:24 CST