Type: Prototype
Class: Starship
Status: Scrapped
Fate: Production ceased as of May 2021
Year Built: 2021
Year Decomissioned: 2021


The first part of SN17 was spotted on 17 December 2020.

On 29 April 2021 the FAA authorised the next series of test launches which included SN15, SN16 and SN17. A change of plans had taken place by May as work on SN17 had ceased, with the prototype instead being scrapped. Following the success of SN15 SpaceX may be prioritising construction of the orbital launch pad as it prepares for the first orbital test flight.

UTC Time

Wednesday, 07-Dec-22 19:37:52 UTC

Boca Chica Local Time

Wednesday, 07-Dec-22 13:37:52 CST