Photo credit: Official SpaceX Stream


Type: Prototype
Class: Starship
Status: Retired
Fate: Scrapped in January 2021
Year Built: 2020
Year Decomissioned: 2021


The first parts for SN6 were spotted on 6 May 2020. Although SN6 originally planned to have flaps according to Musk, the destruction of SN4 brought changes to the program.

Following the successful test of SN5, SN6 was rolled out to the launch pad where it passed a successful cryogenic pressure test and static fire.

On 3 September 2020, SN6 performed a 150m hop with a single raptor engine, launching from Suborbital Pad A and to the landing pad.

Following its test it was retired and moved back to the construction yard where it was scrapped during January 2021, and the remains moved to the scrapyard. As of 30 April sections of SN6 were still in the scrap yard.


All dates & times are local unless otherwise indicated.

Date Type Location
6 May 2020 Construction Boca Chica, Texas
First parts spotted.
12 August 2020 Moved to Pad Suborbital Pad A, Boca Chica, Texas
16 August 2020 Cryogenic Pressure Test Success Suborbital Pad A, Boca Chica, Texas
23 August 2020 Static Fire Success Suborbital Pad A, Boca Chica, Texas
3 September 2020 First Launch Success Suborbital Pad A, Boca Chica, Texas
January 2021 Decomissioned Boca Chica, Texas

Test Launches

Date/Time Launch Site Apogee Outcome Duration
3 September 2020 Suborbital Pad A, Boca Chica, Texas 150m Success ~45 seconds

UTC Time

Wednesday, 07-Dec-22 21:03:08 UTC

Boca Chica Local Time

Wednesday, 07-Dec-22 15:03:08 CST